DOT Planning Improvements For Badger Road

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Department of Transportation plans to reconstruct Badger Road in North Pole due to its heavy flow of traffic, and expanding population.
Officials say Badger Road is one of the fastest growing areas in the borough.
The road has a significant number of driveways, side streets, and access points to businesses.
Residents currently only have access to two lanes, one in each direction.
DOT plans to change that by putting in a center-turn lane.
Engineer manager Lauren Little says the new lane will help move turning cars out of the throughways so traffic can flow more easily.
Construction is anticipated for 2019, and expected to be completed in one year.
According to Little, the traffic flow on Badger has led to conflicts.
Lauren Little; Engineer Manager, DOT>> "So for Badger we actually did do what's called a speed study and that's where we go out and we measure how fast cars are going during free flow times. We want to set our speed limits based on normal best case conditions because that's what drivers are going to drive most of the time. Engineering study will determine if 85th percentile speed and that's basically the speed at which 85 percent of drivers are comfortable and traveling at or below. So for Badger it was right around 55 miles an hour when we conducted that study so that tells us that based on driver expectation, we have set the appropriate speed limit."