Cutting Back Trees to Help Prevent Power Outages

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The interior received heavy snowfall this winter, which has caused many trees and bushes to bend and even break off, impacting public right-of-ways, as well as utility lines.
Dozens of trees dangling between power lines can be seen all over town.
Significant damage can come to a property if trees and brush are not properly cleared.
With the extreme weather this winter, snow has caused many trees to lean into power lines.
Officials from Golden Valley Electric Association said when a tree does fall onto a power line, it can energize the tree - and the closer you get to that tree, the more likely you are to become a path for the electricity.
Golden Valley Electric Association is urging residents to use caution.
"Be aware of the trees and the lines to stay away from them for safety reason. If you do see a tree in the power line its best just to call Golden Valley and let us come access the situation," Josh Davis with GVEA said.
Public Works will also begin its right of way maintenance beginning June 4th.
Jeff Jacobson with the Department of Public Works says by cutting back trees, public safety is greatly improved, "We really need to pay closer attention because we don't want to have rolling blackouts like we had earlier in the year."
Any trees or brush that the department collects are made into wood chips, which residents can pick up at any time.