Cushman Street was lined with community members, rallying for those with disabilities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "I'm here with Wendy Cloyd, right outside the Sadler's building, she's with the Key Coalition. Wendy can you tell us a little about what you guys are doing out here today?" Reports Julie Swisher

"You bet, well the key coalition is an advocacy group, it's a grassroots group, made up of self–advocates, and family members and friends and some people that have an intellectual or developmental disability. We want our law makers in Juneau know that when they make decisions it affects us, it affects people with disabilities, sometimes people who don't have a voice,” Said Wendy Cloyd

"Well people are honking in support is what I'm hearing, and so I'm seeing a lot of signs out here. Everyone has a similar message here today," Said Julie

"That's right," Said Cloyd

"Can you maybe talk about what that message is?" Asked Julie

"Sure, so what I would really to see is the elimination of the waiting list for services. The wait list a priority of the key coalition, every single year for 32 years, just let people get the services they need. There are some states that don't have waiting lists because laws have been past to say that that's not fair, that people have the right to the support that they need. In Alaska 1000 people are on that waiting list and were just saying take care of those people. Take care of the people right here in our state, and right here in our community," Cloyd Said.

"Well thank you so much Wendy for taking the time out to speak with us, Thank you, stay warm," Said Julie.