Couple aims to set new motorcycling world record

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Ian and Christabel Harper flew all the way from Britain to Anchorage and drove up to Prudhoe Bay, to set a brand new world record.

"So it is the 'oldest husband and wife team, in combined age, to ride two separate motorcycles from Alaska to Argentina'." Ian Harper said.

Their combined age? 115 years, although you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at them. Ian spoke about why they chose to set out on this adventure.

"I have been a motorcyclist for 30 odd years and I have read a lot of books about people who have actually done this journey and I thought 'well I could do that', maybe not as fast but I could actually do it. So I decided over a year ago that I was going to do it and then two weeks later she said 'oh I am coming with you', so she invited herself along and here we are." Said Ian.

However, upon leaving Prudhoe Bay, Christabel ran into a bit of trouble.

“We were leaving Prudhoe Bay and we were just past, we had gone through one set of road works and then came to one bit and there was a lot of shale, quite deep shale, gravel. And I just swerved. There is one compact line so you have to get on the compacted line, if you get off that compacted line it gets a bit dangerous. So yeah, I hit it and the front wheel just went and I just went on the side and unfortunately my right leg got caught and I was in a bit of pain." The Harpers said.

Christabel said she originally thought she had just sprained her ankle, so they began riding again, but once they reached Coldfoot Camp they realized her foot was still swelling. Once they were in Fairbanks they discovered it wasn't a sprain, but fracture. Christabel had ridden 500 miles with a broken ankle, but since the doctor cleared her for riding, the Harpers plan on continuing their journey and have given themselves roughly six to seven months

to complete this record. Ian and Christabel aren't just looking to set a new world record. They are also raising money for a charity back in the United Kingdom to help young people who suffer from mental illness. Their goal is to raise 10-thousand pounds or roughly 13-thousand U-S dollars.