Costco is coming, here's what you need to know for opening day

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With Costco set to open on Tuesday, November 20th, many in the Fairbanks community are gearing up to take advantage of the new wholesaler and its offerings.

When Sam's Club closed its doors just a few months ago, on January 26th, 2018, it impacted so many people in the Fairbanks community. From local restaurants to those with large families, they all relied on the bulk items that Sam's Club offered.

But now, a new wholesaler is opening up in the area - Costco. General Manager, Jason Soule explained what customers can expect on opening day, “To make sure we have all of this area clear for parking for everybody, we're actually going to park our employees over at the Sports Authority parking lot so there will be more spots available,” he said.

The new Costco location has 300 employees, around 270 of these employees came from the community.

Soule added that inside the foyer of the store, there will be eight or nine booths set up by the membership team, this way people can get signed up and get out of the cold. Customers can also visit the membership team on College Road to get signed up before the grand opening.

By November 20th, Soule said that just about 10,000 members will have signed up in the Fairbanks community.

Safety is also a top priority for Costco, Soule said, “We're going to have what I do believe is the entire police force so we're going to have plenty of people on site and we're going to have people directing traffic so everything is going to be here and everybody will be taken care of,” he added.

It's expected that hundreds will be out for Costco's grand opening. The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony at 7:15 a.m. and the doors will open at 8 a.m. on Tuesday November 20th, and they will stay open until 8:30 that night.