Construction Along Richardson Near Eielson Entrance Adding Turning Lanes

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Mile 337 of the Richardson Highway, near the south gate of Eielson Air force base, is getting a makeover.

Due to the anticipated increase in construction and commercial vehicle traffic over the next four years, the Base plans to modify its existing Entry Control Point at the southern end for the purpose of redirecting construction, as well as commercial freight entering and exiting Eielson.
Construction on this project began around the end of July; and this week, paving was complete.
Remaining projects include striping, as well as installing lighting and signs.
The whole project is anticipated to be complete by the end of September.
This project is 90 percent federal funding, with a 10 percent state match.
Eielson is paying electric costs for lights.

"So if you've driven along the Richardson Highway, near the Eielson entrance, you'll notice that we've got some major construction going on there. A major component of this project will be adding a northbound and a southbound turn lane. So that traffic that is entering or existing will be able to get out of the main flow of the Richardson Highway traffic. This is in preparation for an anticipated increase in traffic, with the F-35's coming in the future. Our forecasts are that we'll see an increase at that entrance of about 200 percent so it's definitely going to have an impact and we wanted to make sure we're ready for those additional vehicles."