Congressman Don young attends Fundraiser for Local man

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Congressman Don Young attended a fundraiser last night for a man who's been fighting the Supreme Court on the federal government's authority over state waters.
It's been 11 years since John Sturgeon was stopped by park rangers while hunting on the Yukon River on a hovercraft.
Last night, Sturgeon and Young made their entrance by gliding down the Chena River in a hovercraft.

"You can't do this by yourself unless you're very very wealthy, and I'm not. People have stepped up when they heard about the case. This is an Alaskan case. This is a case like Congressman Young said, that future generations can use this river that's behind us and not have the federal government tell you what you can and cannot do on it. The state of Alaska owns it." said John.

For more information about their perspective on the case, you can visit 'stop the over'