Congress passed legislation to allow the use of non-toxic firefighting foams

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Congress passed legislation Wednesday that will allow commercial airports to use firefighting foams that do not contain toxic fluorinated chemicals, known as PFAS, which have contaminated water all over the country, including here in Fairbanks. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration has a list of firefighting foams that commercial airports are required to use, but they all contain these harmful chemicals. Once this legislation is signed by President Trump, the FAA will have a time table for when they have to update the list of required firefighting foams. FAI Communications Specialist Sam Loud said, the Fairbanks International Airport is looking forward to having this option.

"This is something that we've been waiting for, and we're in full support of. The use of non-fluorinated foam would be a fantastic option for all airports," he said.

Currently, the Fairbanks International Airport only uses foams containing PFAS for emergency situations.