Concerned Citizens Speak To Borough Assembly On Possible Mary Siah Demolition

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Borough Assembly chambers were overflowing at the public hearing last night, as concerned citizens waited for their turn to speak on the possible demolition of Mary Siah recreation center.
Sara Tewksbury reports.
Public Testimony>>: "Tomorrow, I'll wake up, I'll look in the mirror, and I'll say I did something positive yesterday for the borough, are you going to be able to look in the mirror and say you did something positive for the community yesterday?"
"I'd like to stay in Fairbanks and this will be a factor in my decision to stay in Fairbanks, to have a facility like this."
"My son is special needs, and the pool is very important to him, he uses it seven days a week. If you ask him why he goes swimming, he says 'It keeps me alive'."
Sara Tewksbury; Reporting>>: Although many of the testimonies were urging to protect the Mary Siah center, some understand it is a difficult situation, but hope there can be another plan in place before demolition occurs.
A.J. Sutton; Borough Resident>>: "We have a mayor that was dealt a bad hand, due to the failures of previous administrations to maintain what we have, it is not a popular thing to do, but it is the fiscally responsible thing to do. "
Sara Tewksbury; Reporting>>: Borough Mayor Karl Kassel reiterates the serious situation the borough is in. He says buildings have to come down, and it's our responsibility to choose.
Mayor Karl Kassel; Fairbanks North Star Borough>>: "It's the choice of which buildings are going to come down that is difficult, the math is easy, but there is people that are impacted dramatically so by every single building in our operation. They're all loved and utilized, it's just a different user group. You don't see a lot of hockey players in the room tonight, because we're not talking about the Big Dipper, yet."
Sara Tewksbury; Reporting>>: The Assembly postponed the ordinance vote until Monday night's meeting because 53 people signed up to testify, leading the hearing late into the night.
Song about Mary Siah>>: "This pool is your pool, this pool is my pool, we'll make it our pool if you play by our rules, don't knock this pool down, don't try to mess around, Mary Siah was made for you and me."
Sara Tewksbury; Reporting>>: This is Sara Tewksbury reporting.