Community commerce: Wild Wings and Things

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - If chicken wings are your thing, you're in luck!
In today's 'Community Commerce' we bring our crew to the new 'Wild Wings and Things' restaurant to see how the owner got his start.

Sy Saidou; Owner - Wild Wings and Things Fairbanks>>"I knew I wanted to be a businessman and that was the way for me. I was just not happy just living a regular nine to five life, so this was the best thing for me and I went for it."

After eight years stationed at Eielson Air Force Base and some time working as a firefighter at Fort Wainwright, this entrepreneur wanted to make a new path for himself.
And because of a shortage of chicken wing restaurants in Fairbanks, he created his own niche.
Being the newsroom vegan, I called in some help to test out the 16 flavors of wings.

Julia Laude>>"So I'm joined here with the owner of Wild Wings and Things and of course we have the news team here to try out some of these wings, So you guys start digging in and I'm going to talk to you a little bit, so what has it been like to own this restaurant? What's your experience been like?

Sy Saidou; Owner - Wild Wings and Things Fairbanks>>"So far it's been great doing it. This is my first business ever. I've ran a lot of restaurants before but this is my first one and it's been a heck of a journey and I've been enjoying every moment of it. I love seeing the looks on people's faces, like him trying this hot wing, this is awesome to me. I love this job."

Julia Laude>>"Well great and congratulations. And we can see what Aaron thinks."

Aaron Walling>>"It packs a punch!"

Julia Laude>>"And what do you think Amanda?"

Amanda Brennan>>"It's hot."

Sy Saidou; Owner - Wild Wings and Things Fairbanks>>"Ya'll making me sweat just watching."

And as my co-workers enjoyed wings, I was happy with my salad.
But if wings aren't for you, Wild Wings and Things also offers cheese steaks and sandwiches.
Owner Saidou is also working on bringing a breakfast menu to the restaurant.
Reporting from the Bentley Mall annex, this is Julia Laude.