Community Organizations Make Pitches for Bed Tax Funds

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Hotel-Motel Discretionary Fund Committee met with community organizations at the city council chambers Tuesday evening to discuss bed tax funds.
Organizations that are eligible for funds - such as the Fairbanks Racing Lions Club, Friends of Creamer's Field, and the Children's Museum came before the committee to make a presentation.
At least 23 non-profit representatives spoke about their operation, and how it benefits the Fairbanks community.
Sometime later this week, the committee will be scoring every eligible application that was submitted.
Those scores will be given to the City Finance Department by 10 AM this Friday.
The committee will also be holding a distribution meeting Friday at noon to discuss which organizations are eligible for the bed tax funds.

June Rogers; Fairbanks City Council Member>>"You know we went through the process tonight of zeroing out an organization so that says to me that probably every organization will receive something. Maybe not as much as they requested. The amount that people receive is going to be significantly different perhaps than the request that they made. Now all the committee members go home, do their homework, work on reading through those applications again. Reviewing their notes that they took during the testimonies."