Community Commerce: Sundog Crossfit and Go Wild Juicery

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Lace up those trainers and get ready to hit the gym at SunDog CrossFit.
And when it's time to refuel, take a few steps over to 'Go Wild Juicery' for an organic snack.
In this week's 'Community Commerce' Julia Laude checks out this exercise and juice location.

For Stephanie Allen and her family, staying fit has always been a priority.
In addition to owning their cross fit business, it was time for Allen to bring her own passions to the mix.

Stephanie Allen; Owner - Go Wild Juicery>>"I love health and fitness and we already had our SunDog CrossFit gym so when we moved over to our new location it seemed fitting to do what I love to do which is providing healthy food for people."

Eating healthy for Allen means, organic, gluten free and vegan.

Stephanie Allen; Owner - Go Wild Juicery>>"Why would you want anything else?"

When purchasing ingredients, the list goes through some strict requirements.

Stephanie Allen; Owner - Go Wild Juicery>>"Everything that I order is all organic, gluten free. That's just something that I won't back down on because I think it matters so even our spices, anything that I purchase, it's going to say organic and gluten free or I'm not going to buy it. I'm not going to serve you anything that I wouldn't feed my own family or feed myself."

Go Wild Juicery has been open for just over two years.
Allen says with the increase of customers, Go Wild and SunDog CrossFit are looking to move into a bigger space.
This is Julia Laude reporting.