Community Commerce: Pita Place

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Residents can now stay cozy and warm at 'Pita Place' this winter, enjoying falafel and coffee imported from Israel.
Julia Laude takes us to this local pita pocket.

Standing tall in the snow on College Road, Nadav Weiss and Teri Gross have opened their doors to offer the Fairbanks community falafel.
Gross grew up in Fairbanks and met Weiss when he was traveling in Alaska.
For several years the two split time between Fairbanks and Weiss's home in Israel, eventually settling permanently in Alaska in 2006.
They knew they would miss the Israeli cuisine, when they settled in the interior and wanted to bring that to Fairbanks.

And while for many years this married duo would close for winter to travel, they have now extended their hours.

Teri Gross; Co-Owner - Pita Place>>"So far it's been great. It's very nice. It's a whole different feel in the winter. Much cozier and slower and not kind of the high paced summer excitement so it's nice to have that experience too."

Nadav Weiss; Co-Owner - Pita Place>>"It's more authentic with us and between customers. It's all more personal."

Weiss says the community has made the addition of winter hours a great decision.

Nadav Weiss; Co-Owner - Pita Place>>"It's so nice. It's such a nice supporting environment. We can just, thanks for the people being so supportive."

Pita Place now also offers delivery through AK Speed Eats.
This is Julia Laude reporting.