Community Commerce: If Only

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With Christmas shopping in full swing, the business known as 'If Only... A Fine Store' caters to those looking for unique gifts and art.
In today's 'Community Commerce', Julia Laude takes us into this Nordic shop.

Located in downtown,

"Welcome to If Only, A Fine Store."

20 years ago, four friends decided to join together to bring quality arts to Fairbanks.

Rebecca Morse; Co-Owner - If Only... A Fine Store>>"We feel very strongly that we should be carrying items that appeal to the north and to people who live in Alaska or who are visiting Alaska and so we have a lot of things here that we sort of put into a category of 'nod to the north.' We chose these things because they resonate with the state and they resonate with our customers, so we look for high quality, interesting kinds of things that we can offer both to the Fairbanks community and visitors who come here all year round."

After 17 years working with adult learning classes, co-owner Rebecca Morse, decided to change her career.
She says she's always felt strongly about having art in her life.

Rebecca Morse; Co-Owner - If Only... A Fine Store>>"I've always wanted to work with crafts people. The handcrafted items really appeal to me. The other thing is, I'm a writer and I have a background in English and so I love fine writing instruments and journals and stationary and all that sort of thing and so when I first started to work with the store, those where the areas I was most involved in."

If Only...A Fine Store will be holding its annual Candlelight Shopping First Friday event this Friday, giving residents the opportunity to experience the magic of the holiday season with hot spiced cider and quiet jazz guitar.
This is Julia Laude reporting.