Community Commerce: Charisma Star

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With over a million likes and follows across her various social media accounts, one local woman is spreading a message of self-love.
In this week's 'Community Commerce', Julia Laude stepped into the world of Charisma Star TV.

"You are beautiful baby, so shine like a star!"

This is Charis Lincoln and she's a YouTuber.
With 859-thousand-149 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone, this young woman is truly reaching the world with her message.
The message that, you are beautiful, no matter your race, religion or background.
Her journey began as a teenager, navigating through studies and high school bullies.
She soon began to contemplate suicide but a greater power showed her, her worth and value.

Charis Lincoln, Charisma Star TV>>"When I heard about Alaska and it had the highest suicide rate per capita in the world I knew that's where I wanted to go, I knew that's where God was calling me. And we went out and outreached to the native tribes and did a lot of suicide prevention and helped out and served in villages. When we were out there I would throw glam parties, with my girls, for the girls in the villages and we would teach them about self-worth and how their beautiful. How make up is fun but it's just an enhancer to the beauty that God has already given them."

During her mission work, many of the girls suggested that Lincoln start her own YouTube channel, and in 2010, God called to her again.

Charis Lincoln, Charisma Star TV>>"I told my husband, which I meant doing missionary work in Alaska, that I wanted to start a YouTube Channel, and he said, 'we need like 4,000 dollars,' and when you don't have two pennies to rub together, that's a lot of money but I was like no I have faith, if this is what I'm called to do, if God wants me to do this, then he'll provide. And I kid you not, a week later, a friend out of the blue called us and asked us to pick him up from the airport and so we go over there, pick him up and when we were dropping him off, he said 'hey by the way, God told me to give this too you.' He had no idea what we were going through or what our situation was but we opened up the envelope and it was 4,000 dollars exactly."

Now Lincoln works from home with her husband, Jacob, to create videos.
The goal continues to be making young women feel confident.

Charis Lincoln, Charisma Star TV>>"Being a YouTuber has been amazing. I didn't expect this to be what I would be doing when I grow up but we just knew that this was what we were supposed to do. At the time we didn't know that we could make a living off of it or anything like that, it was just we wanted to use that as a platform to speak into people's lives in a positive way."

This is Julia Laude reporting.