City, Lavelle’s Seek Common Ground on Taphouse Serving Expansion

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - At Monday's meeting, the Fairbanks City Council continued the conversation regarding the Lavelle's Taphouse request for an extension of the restaurant premises for the alcohol service area.
The original request was to extend out onto 2nd Avenue, but that request was denied citing safety as an issue.
The new application that was discussed last (mon) night sought to utilize the space in the court yard behind the building.
The request was protested until the council receives a certificate of occupancy from 'building and fire', but will most likely be approved once they have the proper paperwork.
Mayor Jim Matherly says he's glad owner, Arlette Eagle-Lavelle, brought the request back to the council.

Mayor Jim Matherly; City of Fairbanks>>"One thing I really appreciate about you is, you don't let it stop you. You tried A and it didn't work, you go to B and I think that's really great. This is where I want the public to know that when you want to work with your local government, we are welcoming people to come and speak with us on these issues. She came up here, she testified, we asked questions, the public testified, they had their concerns, never once did she really attack anybody. We've been up here before when people have tried to talk to the council, you handle it professionally all the way down the line and I really want to commend you for that. You have an excellent work ethic and it's a good location and the fact that we couldn't do what you want, it didn't stop you from taking another avenue so thank you for working along with your government. I think this is what we're here to do."