City Council to Host Second Work Shop on City Marijuana Regulations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The city council will also be hosting its second work shop on City Marijuana Regulations on Monday, April 23rd.
Mayor Matherly says he wants to make the meeting as open to the general public as possible.
This will be the last opportunity for residents to give public comment to the council before they make their final decision.
The council will return to the ordinance at its meeting on May 7th.
There is no guaranteed public comment for the May meeting.
Chief of Staff, Mike Meeks, says administration wants to keep the conversation as focused as possible.

Mike Meeks; Chief of Staff - City of Fairbanks>>"We're trying to make sure it's fair for people who show up that night and we're trying to have the council keep it focused instead of coming up and talking about whatever. The decision that night is Ordinance number 6070, so the Mayor said 'Make sure we provide as much opportunity for the residents to speak on the issues we have seen have been contentious on the ordinance 6070' so you can hear both sides of the story one last time before you go and make your decision."

The work session on the 23rd is scheduled for 5 pm.
If you would like to speak during public comment, you have to attend and sign up yourself; city administration will not allow someone to sign your name for you.