Chinook Flow Winds Bring Warm Temperatures to Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Curious about why it feels like T-shirt weather all of a sudden?
Well, strong dry winds known as 'chinook flow winds' have been sweeping over the Interior this week.
According to meteorologist Joe Kryston from the National Weather Service, a strong southwest flow of wind from the coast has been bringing a lot of warm air over the interior.
He says that if any precipitation does fall, it will eventually freeze because the surface of roads is still below freezing.
The temperature of the chinook flow has been in the low 40s over most of the interior.
Kryston says continuous development in the weather means it could change yet again beginning next week.
Joe Kryston; Lead Forecaster, National Weather Service>>: "We are watching another developing system coming in that might affect Fairbanks and the central interior. Monday night into Tuesday and it looks like we have a better chance of precip so were looking for possible freezing rain Tuesday morning then changing over to snow and windy conditions as well. It could reach the valley level so were looking at snow and blowing snow Tuesday night."