Children Learn About Axolotls at the Children's Museum

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Guests at the Children's Museum today learned about animals that can regenerate their arms, legs and even brains.

"These are Axolotls, they are in the salamander family, but they're not the same as a salamander. They have lungs and they also have gills on the outside, so they can breathe in and out of water. But if you keep them out of water too long, they will lose their gills and limbs, and grow eyelids. So they can live outside of the water permanently," said Jenna Clifton, of Aurora Axolotls.

Clifton, her husband and daughter brought their Axolotls to Pint Sized Science to show children something they may have never seen before.

"The Axolotls were great! We had people lined up, just so excited about it... and it was something way new -- even for our staff. So it was exciting," said Jessica Farr, Education and Outreach Manager, for the Fairbanks Children's Museum.

Clifton and her family demonstrated how they feed the Axolotls with earthworms.

"The kids enjoyed it. They got to touch them, [and] they got to feed them. Leo [one of the Axolotls] didn't want to eat, so that was probably a little disappointing -- but it was definitely something they probably haven't seen before, since you can't get them at our local pet store," said Clifton.

Clifton's family breeds and sells Axolotls, but also keeps some as pets.
Axolotls are currently being used in scientific research to study how they regenerate limbs in hopes of helping paraplegics in the future.