Childcare Nonprofit Hosts community Fundraiser Event

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Local childcare non-profit group, Thrivalaska, recently held its annual public board meeting and fundraiser, providing information for parents and fun activities for kids.
Almost 200 people attended the 'Step Up For Kids' event held at the Carol Brice Family Center.
Attendees could tour Thrivalaska's facility, meet board members, and bid on silent auction items.
Several stations were also set up to give people the opportunity to write letters to their legislators regarding child advocacy.
The United Way of the Tanana Valley member agency also celebrated its 43rd birthday at the event with pony rides, face painting, and a balloon artist for the kids.
Assistant Finance Director, Shelly Mensch told us why she feels the event was a success.
Shelly Mensch; Assistant Financial Director - Thrivalaska>> "We had over 40 letters that were written to legislators; families expressing their desires, their need, and their concern about stepping up for kids, and what children care means to them in our community. The silent auction brought in about $1000, and so we're really pleased about the turnout. So many things drawing for families' time, it's nice that families chose to come and spend it with us."