Charges filed against man accused of beating raping woman

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Tyson Len Kriska, 28, of Kaltag is facing felony charges after he allegedly beat, strangled and raped a women in Fairbanks in late May.

Charging documents said that Kriska was drinking and got mad at the victim for hiding his alcohol. He began to punch her. The victim said he punched her in the face at least ten times, possibly breaking her jaw. Kriska also pulled her hair and told her he was going to snap her neck.

He then began to rape her while continuing to beat her and strangle her. Police said the victim felt like she was going to pass out. According to the victim the assault lasted for about 30 minutes while punching her all over her body.

After he finished raping her he made food and then went to sleep next to her. She waited until he was snoring and then ran from the house and called 911. Police found her outside barefoot with her left eye swollen shut and said her jaw appeared to be broken. She was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.
Kriska has been charged with two felonies, one count of first degree sexual assault and one count of assault in the second degree.

Kriska has a long history of crime dating back to 2007. He has been charged with DUI, minor consuming alcohol, unlawful contact, and second, third and fourth degree assault. He has also had multiple felony assault charges dropped because of plea deals online court records show.

Police found him asleep inside the residence and arrested him for and outstanding warrant.