Central Recycling Facility in Fairbanks closed due to COVID-19 concerns

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Central Recycling Facility in Fairbanks is closed due to concerns about spreading COVID-19 through recycled materials.

Green Star of Interior Alaska is accepting donations of electronics in working order for families in need during the shelter-in-place order. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

The facility, located at 1855 Marika Road, has been closed since March 18th. In addition to collecting aluminum cans, paper and cardboard, it is also a spot for recycling electronics, which are then transferred to Green Star of Interior Alaska.

Sarah Clement, Program Director for Education and Outreach with Green Star, said regarding people with electronics to recycle, “If you have space in your house, we recommend that you store them in an old drawer or in an old box, and then when the Central Recycling Facility opens, go ahead and bring them down so that we can start processing them again and continue that recycling process.”

The facility has been active since September 2017. In 2019 it accepted more than 700 tons of recycling material.

Meanwhile, Green Star is accepting donations of working electronics. “If you have an old laptop that is still in working order, Green Star is accepting donations of laptops outside of our warehouse to fix up and distribute to families in need, who need a way to connect to the internet to do work or learning at a distance while we’re all sheltering in place,” Clement said.
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