Career readiness in the Marines

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Our Alaskan teachers in San Diego for the U.S. Marine Corps Educator Workshop continue their journey to better understand this part of the military, that includes learning different educational opportunities for Marines.
The Marine Corps offers a variety of occupations for its enlisted.
From aviation to legal work.
Staff Sgt. Shakima Deprince, is currently pursuing a college degree during her enlistment.

"After i complete my degree and finish recruiting, I will be going back to put in a warrant officer package so that I can be a legal Marine," she said.

The educators participating in this years workshop got to learn about these different career opportunities, by the Marines themselves.
Sgt. Todd Gildersleeve is an Aviation Electrician that the school staff were able to meet - providing them with some essential advice.

it was teachers like Fred and Bethany where they actually cared about me. There was never a point where it was , 'you're a lot cause,' they took a personal interest in their students. That's what helped," he said.

And for any Marines looking to do more schooling, Deprince said before a Marine starts school, they need to ensure that they're capable of juggling the schedule of school as well as being in the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps comes first.
The G-I Bill and the Tuition Assistance program, which Deprince takes advantage of - are both available to enlisted and reserve Marines.
Gunnery Sgt. Francisco Gaxiola said it begins with talking to a recruiter.

"Recruits know what to do when it comes to guiding a student," he said.

Whether a recruit intends to make a career of the military or another occupation, they have plenty of resources to pursue their career in the military.