Candidates Pete Kelly and Scott Kawasaki heard from public at Student Forum

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Candidates for Senate Seat A, Senator Pete Kelly and Representative Scott Kawasaki, had a chance to hear from the public at the 'Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Student Government forum Monday night.

Candidates Pete Kelly and Scott Kawasaki answered questions on a range of topics Monday night at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

They touched on how the legislature should tackle suicide prevention...

"We need to make sure that our health and social service sector, one of the constitutional guarantees is fully funded and protected, just like the university, public safety, and infrastructure," said Kawasaki.

"I think we have to start taking these things one at a time, and doing everything what we can, not just to help the people that are victims of them, but find a way to stop them," said Kelly.

When asked how the candidates would address climate change in the senate, Kelly said he supports addressing issues that are front and center to Alaska, but that he is nervous about the expense.

"It's that we will adopt kind of the larger political agenda that is extremely expensive, and its very difficult to navigate through the United nations treaties, and some of the regulations that come out of places like the EPA etc," said Kelly.

"There is an impact and climate change is a serious global threat, Alaskans and this university, can be front and center, absolutely front and center, in research to try to figure out how we mitigate the problems," said Kawasaki.

One of the audience members asked whether the candidates would support the new Governor suing the federal government to get oil royalties based on the Alaska statehood compact.

"I believe that whoever the Governor will be should absolutely litigate it," said Kawasaki.

"The statehood compact and how we have been shafted on that, is one that most of us agree with," said Kelly.

The candidates were also asked how they would support existing legislature regarding sexual assault and domestic violence.

"We have to stay on this, continue to make sure our human resources manager is aggressive, fair, but firm in pursuing sexual harassment of any kind, that's where it starts, in our own house," said Kelly.

"I don't think you're going to get any disagreement between any other legislators down there that violent crime, and particularly sexual crimes, and sexual assault crimes are at the top of the list, and that they should be dealt with, and they must be dealt with," said Kawasaki.

The associated students of UAF's student government has held several events this year to inform student voters before the election.