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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In tonight's 'Community Commerce' we catch up with Heather Willison of Mojo to Go to hear about her journey to the coffee hut industry.
Julia Laude brings us to the hut to see Willison in action.

>>Nat Sound: 'Have a Good Day.'

Heather Willison; Operations, Mojo to Go>>"There's that for you. Have a good day!
The things that we really focus on are quality, consistency, speed and appropriate product pricing. I think that, because everything here is bought local and sold local it really helps to put back into our community and more importantly, it's fair-priced."

After beginning her coffee hut journey five years ago, Heather Willison is now the Operations Manager for the locally owned and operated Mojo to Go.
She first moved to Fairbanks with the military and soon fell in love with the coffee industry.
Even with the market saturation of coffee huts in Fairbanks, Willison says friendly competition can be empowering.

Heather Willison; Operations, Mojo to Go>>"I don't foresee it being a problem. Coffee with never go out of style. And we love our competitors Kaitlyn over at Fairbanks espresso, we have over here, Stir it up, all these people are great people and it's good to see other women lifting other women up in this industry. Friendly competition is never a problem."

But her favorite part of the job,

Heather Willison; Operations, Mojo to Go>>"You've been gone too long. That's your daughter right? She's extraordinary."

Is her customers.

Heather Willison; Operations, Mojo to Go>>"The way the customers make me feel everyday just to have somebody, depending on you and really just being happy to see you and you being happy to see them, just as much as they make my day, they make mine and I don't ever want to stop. I thank you, you've made me who I am. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be living in Vegas trying to figure out what to do with my life. I will never be done with this. I will always be here and I hope you guys are too."

There are currently two Mojo to Go hut locations, one in Fairbanks and one off Badger Road.
The coffee company has also extended its services to the Fort Wainwright Community.
Soon, Mojo to Go café will be opening in the Activities Center on post with its current menu, plus a brand new menu that will include pizza, nachos and pretzels.
This is Julia Laude reporting.