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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Personalized subscription boxes sent to subscribers' homes with a few clicks online are a reality for many Americans.
Items for dogs, ourselves and now our children are all readily available with the push of a button.
In this week's 'Community Commerce' Julia Laude talked with the owner of a new subscription box service.

The Alaska based Milestones ABC, offers a variety of educational toys that's customized for each individual child.
Founder and President of Milestones, Katherine Zerkel began her journey when she was shopping for her new born son and found there was an overwhelming amount of baby products to search through.
Zerkel says she wanted to provide products that would stimulate learning and development and help parents.

Katherine Zerkel; Founder and President - Milestones ABC>>"Our goal with every box is to provide that underlying educational element. Our hopes are that we give you items that can ultimately prepare your child for entering kindergarten or elementary school and something that's convenient and fun for parents. Especially new moms, you don't want to have to go to five different stores to find five different items and a lot of the stuff that we do have in our boxes aren't available up here in Alaska."

She goes on to say, that this subscription box is great for the busy working parent.

Katherine Zerkel; Founder and President - Milestones ABC>>"I think it's a cool concept. We have subscription boxes for our dogs, for our clothing for just about everything now and this is one element that I kind of think is untapped and is really useful for parents, especially busy parents with young children."

Milestone is available all over the country and because Zerkel is based in Alaska, 907 residents can order with no worries.
The next stop for this subscription box is to head to rural villages where, parents may not have the opportunity to go out and purchase toys for their children.

Kids>>"Wow, milestone is so cool."

For this week's 'Community Commerce', this is Julia Laude reporting.