Broad Band Lands Bill Allows Native Veterans Land Allotments

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In the Broad Lands bill pushed through by Senator Murkowski, and supported by Senator Dan Sullivan, Native veterans will now be able to receive allotments of land that were promised upon their return from duty.

“I just came back from a White House signing ceremony with president Trump, where he signed the Broad Lands bill that Senator Murkowski shepherded through the senate; but it had my bill in there that focused on writing this wrong that allows now, Vietnam veterans, Alaska Natives from the Vietnam era or their heirs, their children, to apply for a native allotment in our state. Finally.”, said Senator Dan Sullivan. According to Senator Murkowski, “After five years of work, working across the aisle with Senator Cantwell, we got some measures in here that she's really happy about, that I'm not so happy about, and some that I'm delighted about she's not so happy about. It's called compromise. It's called building a package that has some balance."

We will have more on this sweeping legislation, tomorrow.