Breast Cancer Detection Center debuted new look at ribbon cutting ceremony

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Breast Cancer Detection Center of Fairbanks has a new look and welcomed residents to a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday night.

The Breast Cancer Detection Center, otherwise known as BCDC, kicked off the holidays in style as they welcomed members of the community into their newly renovated space Friday December 7th.

"Well it's just really exciting to see our building go from more of a grandmotherly comfort motif to this beautiful exciting building with a learning center and it's just so inviting," said Darlene Bishop, Board Member and Cancer Survivor.

A learning center that they plan to utilize for webinars, training videos, and possibly long distance delivery of information sent directly to the facility.

"I think that the building was so planned with the people we are trying to serve in mind that every room is in a place where even just walking through the center the person whose getting their mammogram will be most comfortable and most warm and most taken care of. And just feeling like being treated with dignity and honor," said Ellen Lopez, President, Board of Directors, BCDC.

Lopez says there are additional tools and resources available such as props that can be used for practicing self–breast exams, and books on the importance of care, and early detection.

"Somebody just mentioned when we were having out ceremony that earthquakes are scary, and so is cancer but early detection can ensure that somebody doesn't have to go through really, really difficult trajectory," said Lopez.

Lopez says catching breast cancer early is important, and getting a mammogram is a small thing to do, in terms of prevention.

"As a breast cancer survivor myself, I would just say, come in. I just encourage anyone who hasn't had one yet to they're 40 or you haven't had one in a while to get in and have it done," said Bishop.

Aside from the interior and exterior renovation, an arctic entry, windows, an additional exam room, and paved parking area are just a few of the facility upgrades that are now being used to welcome patients into their new home.