Borough encourages residents to register their mobile homes

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough are required to register their mobile homes by February 1. Those living in mobile homes in the Borough need to register them annually.

In November of last year, the Borough Assessing Department sent out a certified letter to mobile home owners informing them that they need to complete the registration with the Borough. A second letter was mailed to those who still need to register.

According to Ivar Halvarson, a borough assessor, around 41 percent of people have responded to the letters. This borough registration is separate from the DOT registration that mobile home owners are also required to complete.

"The goal of the mobile home registration,” Halvarson said, “is to make sure we have an accurate record of who owns the mobile home so we can get them their assessment notices properly and their borough correspondence."

There is no fee for registering, however, those who fail to register with the Borough could face fines. Forms can be found at the Borough Assessor's office.