Borough Removes Gender-Specific Pronouns from Code

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly passed an ordinance to remove gender-specific pronouns from its code of ordinances. Under the change, "he" or "she" will be replaced with "they"... while "him" or "her" will become "their." It will also use common non-gendered titles of office to replace gender specific pronouns — so instead of using 'he' when referring to a director, the code will state 'the director.'

Former Assembly member, Lance Roberts, spoke against the ordinance, stating that it would make the code more confusing to read, and that this ordinance is part of the 'progressive agenda.'

Although Assembly member Aaron Lojewski said during discussion that he doesn't see this change affecting anyone's life, and that he doesn't know of any young people who read the code, Assembly member Marna Sanford felt the ordinance would still be effective.

"There may be only one person who reads the code in all of the borough... maybe one young person actually reads the code... and if this 'feel good’ ordinance allows them to envision themselves as a strong powerful woman attorney, then we did the right thing," said Sanford.

The ordinance passed 8 to 0.