Borough Prepares for Second "Sandbox" Meeting on Budget, Services

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The main discussion at the first sandbox meeting was focused on building maintenance, and whether or not buildings should be upgraded or torn down.
With about 250 facilities in the borough, Kassel says relying on the state is no longer an option to keep up with building maintenance.
In Sandbox 2-point-oh, Kassel will discuss specific numbers and details on several buildings.
He says it's up to the community to help with starting to fill the hole borough is in.

Mayor Karl Kassel; Fairbanks North Star Borough >> "The budget that I'm producing is the first budget under a new business model going forward. We will be relying on our community and ourselves to take care of what we've got. I think that maybe appropriate but it's also challenging especially in the short term. Folks don't always deal with change well, especially when it may have some negative impacts associated with it but in developing my budget my number one priority is to stop digging this hole that we're in. I can't fill it in a year as I said, there's no short term fix but I am developing a long range plan and I could use some help with that."