Borough Assembly passes resolution opposing Dunleavy's proposed budget

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly voted Thursday night to pass a resolution opposing Governor Dunleavy's proposed budget priorities and related legislation in relation to how the budget cuts will affect residents in the borough. The resolution passed 7 to 1 with Assembly member Aaron Lojewski being the only vote against.

"I'm not entirely sure that this is a 100% serious budget submission, I think it may be a negotiation tactic, none of us really know, but I'm willing just to sit back and let it play out and at least let it get a little more developed before we would be wanting to take any action," said Lojewski.

Assembly Member Matt Cooper stated his support for the ordinance, "If this is the start of a negotiation, then absolutely the citizens of the State of Alaska, individually, through the representative governments, through whatever forms necessary, need to make their voices heard about what's important to them, because that's what the Governor needs to hear."