Better Business Bureau Gives Advice on Avoiding Charity Scams

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The holiday weekend is a flurry of shopping-related days, but tomorrow is a day to give back.
It's called Giving Tuesday, encouraging community members to make donations to non-profit groups and charities.
But it's good to do your homework first.
The Better Business Bureau warns that scammers could be looking to capitalize on your generosity.
Alaska Regional Manager of the Bureau, Michelle Tabler, tells us what we should look for before giving.

Michelle Tabler; Better Business Bureau>>"Well, we just, we want people to give of course; you know we have the, you know, Small Business Saturday, and Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, so, tomorrow's the day of giving, to go and to give to your favorite charities. Just make sure it's the actual that you want to give to. You want to do your research; you want to... if you go online you want to make sure it's the correct place to go.
You want to make sure that you're not clicking on any emails, they could be fishing emails, you don't want to click on any links; go directly to the website of the charity that you want to give to. You can look up charities on our website and and you can also go to to look up information on charities to see if their legitimate and to see if they really exist.