Besides candidates, what to expect on Tuesday's ballot

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Aside from the candidates on the ballot this General Election, there is another section residents need to vote on. On the ballot Tuesday November 6, there will be one ballot measure commonly known as "Stand for Salmon" and "Prop 1." This act would amend Alaska's fish habitat permitting law. The act would require the Department of Fish and Game to apply new standards to permitting activities and development projects that have the potential to harm fish habitat. The Act defines the term "anadromous fish habitat" and sets new standards to protect it.

There are also three judges in Fairbanks that are up for retention. The Alaska Judicial Council reviews each judge's performance and recommends whether they should be retained or not. For these three judges, the council recommends a "yes" vote on all of them.

Judge Paul R. Lyle has been a Superior Court judge since 2008 and is up for retention for another six years. Judge Michael P. McConahy has been a superior court judge since 2009 is up for retention for another six years. Ben A. Seekins has been a district court judge since 2012 and is up for retention for another four years.

Between voting on ballot measure one, legislators and retaining judges, Tuesday the public has a chance to voice their opinion on the direction the state is going.

To view the official election pamphlet with information on candidates, ballot measure one and judges up for retention visit: