Babies show off family history and culture in regalia contest

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska During the World Eskimo Indian Olympics, there are many sporting events, but there are also events focused on native culture. On Thursday, the native baby regalia contest was held for families to show off their regalia passed down from generation to generation.

Rory and his mom Katrice Thomas at the native baby regalia contest held during the World Eskimo Indian Olympics. Photo Credit: Sara Tewksbury/KTVF

"So on the vest he has feathers which were made by me and the eagle in the back was made by my mother. He has fringes that were made by my mom, boots were made by my mom and he had a headband that was made by me actually. He had a necklace that was made by my parents," said rory's mom Katrice Thomas.

Thomas says it's the first time she has entered her son into this contest and thinks he did great and he didn't have any meltdowns.