Assembly Approves On-site Pot Consumption Resolution

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Borough residents turned out in force at Thursday night's Borough Assembly meeting to weigh in on a resolution relating to on-site marijuana consumption at retail pot shops.
Many of those who turned out were skeptical of the borough wading into the hot-button issue.
The resolution doesn't urge the state Marijuana Control Board to decide one way or the other on consumption at retail shops, but asks them to let municipal authorities such as the City Council and Borough Assembly set those rules themselves.
The resolution ultimately passed by a 6 to 3 vote, but many of the testifiers made it known that they were deeply skeptical of onsite consumption.
They brought up a host of concerns about potential problems.

Annie Dougherty; Fairbanks Resident>>"We're talking about taking a few giant steps backward. We're talking about onsite consumption. And when it does come to a matter, when and if - of local control, I would ask that you consider your responsibilities in keeping Fairbanks a positive atmosphere and take into consideration the wellness of the community. Not just of the individual people, but the community as a whole."