As Storm Approaches School District Speaks on Potential Closures

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As the white fluffy flakes fall upon the interior, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is reminding parents to prepare for possible school delays and closures.
According to Superintendent Karen Gaborik, bus ridership is only about a third of district students, and a big percentage of students taking the bus are special education pupils that take an individualized route.
She went on to say that because of the ever- changing weather conditions, parents should be aware of alternative routes if bus stops are in the hills.
And while the goal is to always keep schools open, Gaborik says there's considerable responsibility when it comes to making the decision to close down.

Karen Gaborik; Superintendent of Schools>>"If the driving situation is so bad that nobody should be driving, then that's when we're closing down schools and the reality of the situation is that the rest of the borough looks to me to make that decision at five in the morning. So then I'm talking with the borough, talking with the city. I'm texting the mayors at five, trying to let them know where I'm at. The university often is looking to us and sometimes they'll make different decisions, so they're a lot of responsibility in that decision."