Arbor Day 2020 sees the planting of two new trees in Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) May 18th, 2020 is Arbor Day in Alaska, and two new trees are being planted to celebrate the occasion.

Arbor Day in Alaska is celebrated on the third Monday in May. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

According to Ritchie Musick, a founding member of the Fairbanks Arbor Day Committee, Arbor Day in Alaska is held on the third Monday in May.

The committee, founded in 1983, traditionally works with schools to give children the opportunity to plant trees in town. Due to school closures, the committee opted to plant two trees, one in Golden Heart Plaza downtown and another at Tanana Lakes.

Since its inception, the committee has planted trees all over town, including in parks and at public buildings.

Speaking about the Golden Heart Plaza planting, Musick said, “We chose this site, and this tree is to commemorate the medical workers and all people who have kept Fairbanks safe from the pandemic. It is a thank you tree, a commemorative tree, and it’s a beautiful amur maple.”

A bronze plaque will be added to the plaza site at a later date.

Musick said, “Arbor Day in general lets us recognize all the things that trees provide for us: they provide shelter, they act as windbreaks, they give us building materials, fruit... [and] they give us oxygen. Without trees we could be in deep trouble. And so it’s to honor trees and to focus people’s attention on their value and their significance, and encourage them to plant trees and to care for trees.”

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