Another Dunleavy appointee in trouble for social media posts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Another appointee of Governor Dunleavy is under fire for social media posts. Fairbanks resident, Tammy Randolph, was chosen for the University Of Alaska Board Of Regents earlier this month. Her Twitter use has been a point of concern after there were posted screen shots of controversial tweets from her account.

She reportedly changed her username and made the account private later that day and has since deactivated the account. Her tweets included potentially offensive memes and retweets. Earlier this month Randolph posted on her twitter account about Gillette's online ad relating to toxic masculinity. The retweeted item asks women to stop making false sexual assault allegations saying, “Now I can’t wait for the next Maybelline ad which lectures women about the importance of not making false rape accusations." She also has a history of mean spirited political tweets.

Randolph said in a statement that she deserves to be called out, and that, "My intent moving forward is to direct that same energy and passion into the role of being a regent."

Randolph still has to be confirmed by the House and Senate before she can serve on the Board of Regents.