Annual go red luncheon held today

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Although Valentine's Day is over, hundreds of people were still in red today for the 15th annual 'Go Red for Woman' Luncheon.
'Go Red for Women' is a nationwide event with a goal of raising awareness about the importance of heart health.
According to Go Red, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women.
The luncheon was a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.
It also aimed to teach people to be healthier.
Keynote speaker, Chris Johnson, talked about the importance of living and eating healthy.

"I think the big thing is, you want to start slowly.” Johnson said. “You want to build a habit one at a time and I think it gets overwhelming for people, so if you can just start drinking water and you move your body five to ten minutes a day, pay attention to your sleep, how you can upgrade the quality of the food you eat so, all that adds up over time but I think where people make mistakes is they try to do too much, you want to build a habit.”