Alyeska Hosting Trans-Alaska Pipeline's 40th Anniversary Tuesday

The Trans Alaska Pipeline is turning 40 this year, and Alyeska is holding a community event to celebrate the occasion.

Tomorrow afternoon at the Steese Highway pullout in Fox, Alyeska will celebrate 40 years of transporting oil through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

The president of Alyeska, Thomas Barret, will be attending to talk to the community about this momentous occasion.

1 dollar tacos, burgers, and free root beer floats will be available, as well as face painting, and a DJ playing construction-era music from the 70's.
Parking for the event will be in the pullout, and along the right-of-way road near the pipeline.

Alyeska Communications Manager, Bill Bailey, discussed event details with us, and encourages members of the community to join in the celebration of the pipeline.

"About 24 hours from today, we're going to be having a big celebration out here at the Steese Highway pullout. Really, it's a celebration to commemorate 40 years of moving oil down TAPS. The event starts at 5:30. 5:30 to 7:30. Two hours. Like I said, we'll have all the food going. The food will be provided by Tacos El Pastor. It's a food truck. We'll have them out here. And also, Frostbite Foods, they're bringing some burgers. And then Cold Stone, they're providing the free root beer floats for everybody, so if you're on the fence about coming, I encourage you to come out, participate in the celebration, not so much just about the pipeline, but celebrating something that has helped sustain our local economy and continues to provide jobs for the whole state."