Alaska sends crew members to aid California wild fires

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Bureau of Land Management, along with the U.S. Forest Service, has sent several crew members to help aid California's wild land fire crisis.

Beth Ipsen, Public Affairs Specialist with BLM Alaska Fire Service says, several individuals have been dispatched to areas in California to fill a variety of roles depending on the need. Among those participating in the relief effort, Alaska has sent a public information and safety officer, as well as a drone operator.

"We are very interagency when our fire season is over. Typically, we try and help out whenever there is a need elsewhere, especially right now with California. California actually has quite a few of their own resources, but it's just the fires that are happening down there are very devastating. And they've reached out to other states including Alaska, has helped out. And we're very proud to be able to help out our wild land brothers and sisters elsewhere," Ipsen said.