Alaska Supreme Court rules against current sex offender registration policies

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled that the 'no exceptions to sex offender registration' is unconstitutional.

In their Opinion that was handed down today, the court ruled that the sex offender registration violates an offenders' right to due process.
The ruling in 'John Doe verses the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety' means the portion of the Alaska Sex Offender Registration where offenders have to register their personal information is unconstitutional.
The ruling also found the legislation too broad, especially when it came to rehabilitated offenders. According to the ruling, under the current law, it is difficult for rehabilitated offenders to get out from under the law’s limitations. The ruling will allow Doe to schedule a hearing to assess whether he is still dangerous to the community. It is up to the Supreme court, however, to decide how the hearings will take place.