Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan Questions Zuckerberg on Facebook Privacy Policies

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has just finished his two days of testimony before congress regarding his company and its policies to protect users private information.
Facebook's data privacy has been called into question given the recent Russian election interference.
During the testimony, Zuckerberg apologized multiple times for what he expressed as failures of his company.
Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan was one of the many lawmakers that questioned Zuckerberg about Facebook's procedures; here's what he had to say:

Senator Dan Sullivan; (R) Alaska>>"Do you think that that is a risk, given your influence, that if we regulate, we're actually going to regulate into you- you into a position of cemented authority; when one of my biggest concerns about what you guys are doing, is that the next Facebook, which we all want, the guy in the dorm room, we all want that to start it; that you are becoming so dominate that, we're not able to have that next Facebook. What are your views on that?"

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook CEO>>"Well Senator, I agree with the point that when you're thinking through regulation, across all industries, you need to be careful that it doesn't cement in the current companies that are winning."

Senator Dan Sullivan; (R) Alaska>>"But would you try to do that? Isn't that the normal inclination of a company, to say, 'Hey, I'm gonna hire the best guys in town and I'm going to cement in an advantage.' You wouldn't do that if we were regulating you?"

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook CEO>>"Senator, that certainly wouldn't be our approach."

Senator Dan Sullivan; (R) Alaska>>"When you mentioned to Senator Cornyn (Republican - Texas), you said you are responsible for your content; so, which are you, are you a tech company or are you the world's largest publisher? Because I think that goes to a really important question on what form of regulation or government action, if any, we would take."

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook CEO>>"Senator, this is a really big question. I view us as a tech company, because the primary thing that we do is build technology and product."

Senator Dan Sullivan; (R) Alaska>>"But you said you we're responsible for your content."

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook CEO>>"Exactly."

Senator Dan Sullivan; (R) Alaska>>"Which king of makes you a publisher right?"

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook CEO>>"Well, I agree that we are responsible for the content, but we don't produce the content. I think that when people ask us if we are a media company or a publisher, my understanding of what the heart of what they are really getting at, is do we feel responsibility for the content on our platform. The answer to that is yes."