Alaska Native has Confirmation Hearing on Capital Hill

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Just a few hours ago, Alaska's Tara Sweeney had her confirmation hearing for Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in Washington D.C.
Sweeney was nominated by President Trump October 17th of last year.
She is a former co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives, and Chair of the Arctic Economic Council.
Although the hearing was held today, the Indian Affairs committee has another week to submit questions to Sweeney before they make their decision.
Both of Alaska's Senators spoke highly of Sweeney during the hearing.
Senator Lisa Murkowski said that she was excited about what Sweeney can bring to the Bureau.

"You, Tara," said Senator Lisa Murkowski; "hold so much hope and promise, not only for the people in your region, Alaska Natives around our state, but for Indian country as a whole."

If confirmed, Sweeney will be the first Alaska Native as well as the second woman to hold the position of assistant secretary of Indian affairs.