Alaska Marine Highway System no longer sailing to Prince Rupert, British Columbia

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) There will no longer be ferry service to and from Prince Rupert, British Columbia by the Alaska Marine Highway System. The State of Alaska announced that effective October 1st ferry service will end to Prince Rupert, due to an inability to comply with new U-S security requirements. U.S. customs and border protection is requiring the Alaska Marine Highway System to secure a Canadian law enforcement presence to protect the custom border protection's personnel in Prince Rupert while inspections are performed.

Meadow Bailey, communications director with the Alaska DOT says they worked with the city of Prince Rupert and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to try to fulfill the requirement. "It's really a staffing issue, so it's not related to budget, this is really a staffing issue, they just were not able to provide for us a Canadian law enforcement presence to be able to meet the ferry and so because we couldn't meet that requirement, we couldn't fulfill the requirements of the U.S. and Customs Border Patrol so we had to stop service to Prince Rupert," said Bailey.

Bailey says the route to and from Prince Rupert served about 7,000 passengers annually and brought in roughly $20,000 dollars of revenue per week.

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