Alaska Highway Re-Opens Following Tanker Accident

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The Alaska Highway is back open after a day-long closure in the southern Yukon.
On Monday night, a fuel truck pulling two tankers overturned near Swift River, about 180 miles southeast of Whitehorse.

According to authorities with the Yukon Department of Environment, at least one of the tanks ruptured, spilling as much as 5-thousand gallons of fuel onto the road and surrounding area.
Despite being far away, highway closures like this can affect Fairbanks, because produce and other refrigerated items are often trucked up the road from outside of Fairbanks.
Crews responding to the scene sprayed foam to prevent a fire, and the road re-opened late Tuesday after clean-up.
The Yukon Department of Highways reports that passage is restricted to one lane, and flaggers in the area are controlling traffic, with wait times of 20 to 30 minutes.