Alaska GOP Chair named to Governor-Elect's office

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy announced a handful of positions on his staff today during a press conference in Anchorage.
Tuckerman Babcock, the Alaska GOP chair, was revealed as the chief of staff for Dunleavy's office.
Babcock resigned from the GOP chair effective at 2pm this afternoon, shortly after the press conference.
Babcock was also named the Transition team chair, and he spoke at the event.
"Thank you, Governor-elect, Mike Dunleavy, and thank you for having us here today. This is going to be a very exciting era for Alaska, and being open for business, is exactly the words to use for the new administration; and the first appointment for the Governor's office, as the Governor-elect mentioned, will be Bret Huber, who is going to be the senior policy advisor, and more will be coming forth. Go to the transition website, it's live now, let's get rolling, thank you very much," said Babcock.
Other transition team members include Mary Ann Pruitt as Transition Administrative Director... Kristie Babcock for Transition Director of Scheduling... Gina Ritacco as Transition Director of Boards and Commissions... and Sarah Ward for Communications Director.
Dunleavy says additional announcements will be made during the transition period.