Air Force Celebrates 70 Years

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We take a look at the history of the United States Air Force as they celebrate their 70th year this week.

The Air Force was created from the United States Army Air Corps after World War II, in 1947.

The Air Force became an individual entity after the first Secretary of the Air Force, Stuart Symington, was sworn-in on September 18, 1947.

Vice Commander of the 3-54th Fighter Wing at Eielson Air Force Base, Colonel Todd Robbins, says this is a proud moment for the Air Force.

"Throughout our history, we've constantly looked to innovate and that's something we still do today. Our goal is to hold the ultimate high ground for our nation's forces and provide national security across a diverse spectrum of enterprises from GPS satellites and space to the F-16s to the F-35 that's going to be coming to Eielson."

The military branch, created its own website to honor the different generations of airmen.
That even extends to Eielson.

"But behind all that, the hardware is neat but it's the people that are amazing. The airmen of the United States Air Force past, present and future are our greatest asset and on days like today the 70th Air Force, you can look back at the heroes of the past and look at the heroes of the future that are working in the Air Force today. "