Aftershocks in Anchorage Likely to Continue Until End of the Year

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Since the Anchorage earthquake on November 30th, there have been about 9,000 aftershocks -- with a couple dozen logged each day -- according to the Alaska Earthquake Center.

The earthquake happened in a well known seismogenic zone where earthquakes commonly occur, so it was not an unusual location; but according to Seismologist, Natalia Ruppert, the size of the earthquake was unusual in that it produced the greatest intensity ground shaking since the 1964 'Great Alaskan Earthquake.'

The Alaska Earthquake Center has been sharing their measurements of the shaking with engineers in Anchorage, so they can compare that information to the damage they see on the ground.

Ruppert says the aftershocks could last until the end of this year. "In Anchorage, I think they are used to having felt a couple of earthquakes per month, now it's a couple of earthquakes per week. So it's much more active now. But by the end of the year I think it should go back to where it was before November 30th," said Ruppert.